The Founders of How to be Married


Meet Mike & Jen


On the outside we were the all-American couple. Two beautiful kids, successful careers, beautiful house, we had it all. However, there was one massive problem, we didn't know how to be married. We lacked the tools and resources to know how to have a healthy marriage. We became all-consumed with work, children, and our social life. Our marriage suffered greatly as a result. We disengaged with our faith community and ultimately with each other, growing further and further apart. One bad decision after another left us utterly broken with little hope. We stopped growing, we stopped evolving, and we lost our emotional depth. Our hearts were hardened, disconnected, and bitter. After one massive defining moment, we officially hit rock-bottom. It was time to make a decision, go all in and recommit or cut our losses and move on. We decided to try and make it work. God had been working in secret putting a network of people, mentors, counselors, and other resources within our reach to aid us in the journey ahead. Through many years of counseling, marriage seminars, countless books, and countless fights, we realized God has a plan for us, to restore our marriage and to share our life’s lessons with others.

Our mission is to offer the same mentoring, guidance, and resources that were available to us so we can help you on your journey. We established How to be Married to be a beacon of hope and to show you that anything is possible with God and community.

Why choose How to be Married?


We created How to be Married because we want to share our own personal story, lessons and resources with you! Our mission is to equip married couples with the resources and tools we only wish we had access to in the  beginning of our marriage. 

It would have been so much easier if marriage came with a "How To Guide"?! it does! We designed a program focused on the key elements of a successful marriage, compiled from all of the counseling, mentoring, seminars, books and learned experiences we've lived. If you are struggling in your marriage and you don't know where to start, you've come to the right place! We have a step-by-step program designed to create connection and intimacy by going deep into the complexities of marriage. How to be Married can help you no matter where you are in your journey.



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